udev isn't hard

udev isn't hardI had ignored udev for a while as it seemed too have a lot of arcane incantations (I know, it's Linux, I should be used to this) to do something that I could do just as easily with a script and I'd know when it triggered because I did it.Along came a headless system that needed to map

Mounting a remote share without sudo on Linux

Mount a remote share without sudo on LinuxCIFS or Samba/smb mounts require root access as smbmount or mount.cifs are programs owned by root and do not typically have their suid (set user id upon execution) bit set. There's some talk about using gvfs but it probably has some speed issues. Given the

ping can't open a socket on secured Linux install

When blindly using STIGs and scripts[^1] you can end up with some weird errors that don't make sense because you wouldn't normally ever do the things the script did because it makes a perfectly secure system.In this case the problem was that ping came back with:socket:

What is engineered.fun?

This is a site mostly for myself to collect helpful tidbits. This site is intended to be a dumping ground of things and is aimed to be as simple as possible to further that goal.Topics will include home improvement, 'gotchas' in tech th